Thursday, February 18, 2016

Withdrawal from Sugar. My symptoms from quitting sugar

So Far I am eight Days off sugar, pasta and bread and I am feeling a combination of both good and crappy.  All at the same time my Lent commitment is bringing me better health and making me wither in hunger for sugary foods.

I am having wild cravings.  Everything I see looks like a giant cupcake.  I want to scarf a whole loaf of French Bread.  I want spaghetti.  Waffles? Did I mention how good a waffle with tons of syrup would taste right now?  And cookies... oh yes, I cannot stop thinking about cookies.

The weight is coming off my midsection, as my pants are lose.  I have not stepped on a scale, but I would bet I have lost three or four pounds.  I am eating a lot all day, but it is healthy and has no sugar or white flour.  Also minimizing things that are considered healthy but are known to have lots of sugar in the mix.

My energy is seems high, except when the food cravings take over.  At that point I just want to go and hide.  I am clearly in some sort of withdrawal.

This is a more difficult Lent experiencet than past years.  Even harder than going vegan.  I have cut out all the things that have sugar or useless carbs that convert to sugar.  I am not being as strict as in past years of going vegan, giving up caffeine, bread, etc... but there is nothing really satisfying to cheat with when I am craving food.  A bowl of berries, while delicious, is not the same a piece of cake. This time by making a lifestyle choice to not eat crap, and to decide on what I consume like a committed athlete would choose, I am stuck with nothing bad for me on my approved food list.

I feel like I am going a little crazy over the sugar and white flour foods being eliminated from my diet.  I have been reading a lot of information online and the key is to get through the first two weeks.  I am half the distance.  My body can tell this is good for me... but at the same time it wants to eat all the old stuff that is bad for me.

Going to they gym might be a good idea, I am going to add a hard workout today and see what happens.

Anyone else ever do this?  How did you feel?  It is awkward.


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