Sunday, November 20, 2011

80% Plant Based Diet Is Better Than Nothing

I have had a good eight months eating a "sort-of" vegan diet.  The die-hard vegans do not like my wimpy rules around being "Vegan Leaning", but I have consumed only 20% of the meat and 10% of the dairy that my old diet contained.

One person challenged me that "Vegan Leaning" does not exist... but if you Google the term (in quotes) you will find several references (not all written by me) that support the positive aspects of eating in this manner.

I am still trying and I find when I eat too much meat or dairy my body feels lethargic.  I think the plant-based balanced diet gives me a more "clear" feeling and additional energy.

Granted I ate at Five Guys Hamburgers tonight... but according to the rules of "Vegan Leaning", Saturday and Sunday are open season for meat or dairy.  Plus, I ordered the single meat hamburger instead of the double meat cheeseburger of my past life.  That really is progress!  I often order the "veggie burger" in most restaurants, but Five Guys only offers a bun with tomatoes, lettuce and condiments as a meat replacement.  Sounds awfully dull.  I am not trying to bore my taste-buds to death.

Thanksgiving is in three days, and is not on a weekend, but special dispensation exists for giant feasts where all the other people are meat eaters (I don't want to be difficult).  Plus, no vegan should have to skip my wife's homemade pumpkin pie (yep, dairy, plus it is even better when topped with whipped cream).

While I started this simply for forty days back during Lent, it has become an ongoing part of my life.  I stumble a lot, but I do find myself more healthy and clear headed than when I was in a cheese and meat coma most of the time.

Eggs have become my main ongoing mulligan.  I do not eat them daily, but do find a good breakfast taco or egg white omelet can hit the spot and give me a boost of protein.  The best part of "Vegan Leaning" is I get to keep making the rules.