Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not A Good Week For Vegan Leaning Choices

I was in Cleveland to deliver a keynote speech at a large conference.  I arrived late and the hotel was not located near any restaurants or other shops.  I was hungry when I went to the "Welcome Reception".  It did not take long to find all the food choices involved meat and cheese.

I had to eat, so I gathered the crackers and some strawberries.... but the I saw the "Lamb Lolly-Pops".  Oh come on, lamb has been my favorite meat since I was three years old.  There was a pile of lamb chops calling my name.  One would not be a problem.

I at six.

The following day my flight home did not serve food.  The kids had not eaten yet, as my wife was away, so once I had gotten everyone settled I ordered a pizza.  I was going to make a salad for myself.

I ate three slices of cheese pizza.