Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eating Vegan in Italy -- That Is Just Crazy Talk

Our family spent ten days in Northern Italy with a group of friends.  I realized on day one that my "Vegan Leaning" diet was not going to work.  The Italians eat meat and dairy at all meals.  The breakfast in the hotel was cheese and cold cuts.  Pizza was a staple to this troop of 14 which included 7 kids. 

And one more thing... Gellato!!!

I held out for two days, but on the third afternoon I could not resist getting a small cone at a Gellateria.  That was it, the flood gates were open.  I had gellato everyday.... SOMETIMES TWICE!

I decided to go with the old saying "When in Rome....."  Of course we were in Verona, Venice and Milan,... but you get the idea.

Upon my arrival home I went back to my "Vegan Leaning" choices on Monday - Friday, but in Italy the idea of trying to be vegan was just crazy.