Friday, June 10, 2011


I am still making vegan choices in my daily diet, but more and more I am finding rationalizations to eat fish.

My busy travel schedule put me in Bermuda where I could not pass up on eating fish at nearly every meal.  I mean, come on... I am on an island and they have some local "rock fish" that was delicious.  I can eat almonds and broccoli anywhere, but whole on an island for two days I felt fish was a legitimate choice.

Then I was at dinner with a friend in Orlando and there was nothing on the menu that could even begin to look vegan.  My choice was lettuce and some tomatoes or Fish Tacos.  I went for the fish tacos.  Besides,  I attended college in San Diego in the 1980s and fish tacos were just finding their way into the culture.  I have always been a fan of this delightful food from the days when you could only get them in Mexico and San Diego.  As an early adopter of the fish in a tortilla,  I feel a kinship with this taco product.

Next stop, Boston.  A friend and I went to dinner and he wanted sushi.  I like sushi, and since my wife does not like to eat raw fish, I figured I would not be having the opportunity any time soon.  WOW, it was good.

While I had been eating small amounts of fish on the weekends, this week of travel put sea creatures in my mouth nearly everyday.  I rationalized it each time, but in the end  I did not regret my fish eating adventures.

I think my vegan diet is making me live better... but you know, I have no problem with eating a little meat.  Plus, there is even a name for those who just eat fish with their veggies.....  "Pescatarian".  I figure if someone has named it, it must be a real thing.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two Days Of Meat Eating

While with a client recently at a resort in Bermuda I ate more meat in two days than I have had since February.

I was conducting a seminar at the partner retreat for a law firm and I was included in their social activities for the time I was with them.  This included two amazing dinners and a lunch that can only be described as an "event".

While I have remained "vegan leaning" since Lent ended I am not 100% eating plant based food.... and I made the decision to not ask my client for a special menu.  I did make the vegan choices and avoided most of the dairy (the passed snacks looked good, but were all cream and cheese based).

For dinner both nights I ordered fish.  Being in Bermuda I did not want to pass up the local seafood, and I was not disappointed.  I have been eating fish on occasion for a few weeks, especially on the weekends.

But the real breach of my vegan diet was at the lunch.  Not just lunch, but lunch with grilling lessons and rum tasting.  There were four personal chefs who cooked and instructed each group of ten.  It was a four course meal which included an amazing RockFish dish and then a plate of steak and vegetables.  I could have passed, as there was lots of food available for me to eat... but I wanted the steak.

Okay, I will admit it.... it was AMAZING.  Part of it was the quality of the meat and the skill of the chefs.  The other part was I had not had a steak in months.

The good news was I woke up the next day feeling fine.  I have had some reactions to eating meat and dairy since changing my diet, but this time it was no problem.

I will continue to stay "Vegan Leaning".... but my will power might not be as good going forward.