Saturday, February 20, 2016

10 Days Off Sugar

Ten days off sugar and the cravings are calming down.  I am no longer unable to sit still while thinking about cookies or cupcakes.  I was never moody, but was clearly going through some withdrawals over the lack of sweets and white flour carbs in my diet.

I have lost 6 pounds, and I am not hungry all the time (usually I am always wanting to snack).  The weight has clearly just gone away mainly from my middle.  My pants are loser, but mainly I can tell in my profile that my gut is not sticking out quite as much.

While not much of an athlete, I have decided to take up running, and went for a mile run with a 2 mile walk, and at end was not starving and seemed to have more energy when out for the exercise.  My attention to detail seems higher, however  that might just be psychological as I seek for evidence that giving up sugar was the right call.

There might be something to this "sugar is evil" thing.  I am not "fat" but clearly have carried 15+ extra pounds around for some time.  It is interesting that I may hit idea weight simply from this Lent exercise.

My wife is being great about serving double vegetables instead of starch at meals, and as we seek places to eat out we are making sure there are good options for me with lots of protein and veggies.

I am wondering if this has to go far beyond Lent.  Maybe I have to make these types of eating decisions for the rest of my life.  This makes me happy and sad, as I like the idea of being healthier, but I love me some desserts and wonderful breads.


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