Monday, September 26, 2011

The Worst Vegan Ever

I was explaining my "Vegan Leaning" philosophy to a friend.  As I told him about my weekday vegan diet, and my weekend's off to eat whatever, I added that I occasionally cheat during the week... in fact, that day was my wife's birthday and we were going to a steak house for dinner.

He proclaimed "You are the worst vegan, EVER!".

This made me laugh, but I then last Friday I was at lunch with a large group and there were no vegan options.  I ended up with a turkey sandwich.  With every bite I kept hearing my friend's words echoing through my head..."you are the worst vegan, EVER!".  (I think he is right).

Today is Monday and I am back on track.  Besides, I am not a really a vegan, I am vegan leaning!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Franklin's BBQ Is Dangerous To Those Wanting To Make Vegan Food Choices

My vegan leaning diet is set aside on the weekends.  Today my wife went and stood in line at Franklin's BBQ (in Austin, Texas) so that we could sample what many call the "BEST BBQ" you can eat (Texas Monthly has named it the best BBQ in Texas, and Bon Appetit has dubbed it the best BBQ in America).  The wait was over two hours to take home a few pounds of meat and sides.

Even on weekends I am careful about eating meat.  While I will have some, I keep my portions small.  But this BBQ from Franklin's made me forget my plant based diet desires.  The brisket was great, the sausage was even better, and the ribs... OH MY GOODNESS!  To know this BBQ exists makes you question being vegan (or "Vegan Leaning").

I will agree with the experts... it is the best BBQ in the world.  It made me want more.  I could easily quit my vegan efforts if I was promised meat that tasted this good with every meal.

However, was it worth a wait in line of two hours?  The survey says "NO".  My wife and kids (who all went to stand in line) said they would not do it again.  I am pretty sure that my patience level would not bring me to multiple hours of standing in line to get smoked meat.  I hear that more people wait in line than there is food available for sale.  I think if I stood there for three hours and they ran out of food I would freak out.

If you are trying to avoid meat.... I suggest you do not go and eat a Franklin's BBQ or you might just decide to try the Atkins Diet instead.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vegan Leaning


I continue my plant-based adventure that began last February.  While I do not keep a 100% vegan diet, I have become "Vegan Leaning".

A friend who is a dedicated vegan tells me that there is no such thing as "Vegan Leaning".  He is wrong. It exists.  I know it is real because I invented it.  It may not be a movement that is sweeping the nation, but I have found it works great for my life.

Monday through Friday I make vegan choices at all meals.  Once in a while (about once a week) I let it slip and have a small amount of meat or dairy (today I had a Blueberry muffin), but most of the time I am very good about keeping a plant based diet during the work week.

On the weekends I do whatever I want, but have found I must keep to moderation or my body reacts poorly.  This usually involves grilling a steak or fish on Sunday, and allowing the sweets with dairy and eggs (cookies, cake, ice cream, etc...) as a treat.

This keeps me about 3/4 vegan, and I am feeling great. I continue to feel "lighter", although I only lost five pounds.  My energy level is high.  The biggest benefit is my awareness of the food choices I make all the time.  I no longer just eat everything that crosses my path.

Spread the word about vegan leaning!  It means being vegan without having to skip out totally when served a great tasting steak!!!

Definition of "Vegan Leaning":  A person who chooses to eat a vegan diet most of the time.  Usually a person who is "Vegan Leaning" eats a plant based diet Monday through Friday, while allowing meat and dairy on the weekends.