Saturday, April 7, 2012

Last Day of Lent - Two Cents Plain

This year I gave up alcohol for Lent.  It was much easier to go without booze than it was last year to live Vegan for the whole 40+ day period (as I did in 2011).  I undertook both of these Lent efforts to see if I had the disciplined fortitude to make a commitment on this level.  In both cases it was about making healthy choices, but the Vegan living was a much harder on a day to day basis.

I had not taken into effect the social events that one attends where everyone is having a drink.  At first it seemed odd to not partake, but really it was no big deal.  There were all the parties during South by Southwest, St Patrick's Day, my 20th wedding anniversary and countless other dinner gatherings.  My drink of choice became Club Soda with a squeeze of lime.

The other day someone called my beverage a "Two Cents Plain" (although, it was not plain, it had lime).  I was not familiar with the term, but he sent me a link to a below song by artist Joel Mabus.  I found this YouTube Video of the song.  Apparently the term goes back to the depression where Seltzer Water was free (or maybe 2 cents)

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(Can't see video?  Here is the link

I did find it interesting in local bars.  Most did not charge me for the drink, but one bar charged me $3 for the Club Soda.... which I think was the biggest rip-off of all time!

Today is the last day of Lent.  Tomorrow I will enjoy a glass of wine, but today I will pound down a few "Two Cents Plain".... with lime!