Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lent 2012 - No Drinking Until Easter

I started this blog a year ago when I went "Vegan for Lent". While I had always given something up for Lent, last year was the first time that it had a real impact on my life.

Lent 2011 was a real test in sacrifice and dedication.  I was successful in my food choices and commitment to the process.... and felt fantastic.  I lost a little weight, and my mind was clear and focused.  After Lent ended my diet was forever changed.

While I did not remain a vegan, I did modify my eating habits.  I spent most of the year being "Vegan Leaning" - which meant Monday - Friday I kept vegan (mostly), and on the weekends I ate "Free-Style".  I found I could not over eat the meat and dairy on the weekends or I would not feel right.

My efforts Monday - Friday got derailed over the holidays, but I still avoid meat and dairy on most occasions.  I would estimate I am eating about 70% less meat and dairy than I did before my Lent experience of a year ago.

Tomorrow Lent begins again.  This year I am going to give up drinking any alcohol.  While I am not a lush, I do like wine, and I attend many events where it is common to have a drink.  I do not expect the level of sacrifice and commitment to the cause to be nearly as big of a deal as 2011.... but it will still take effort and making the right choices.

However... it is true that St. Patrick's Day, my wedding anniversary, and SXSW all happen during Lent!!!

No new blog this time (I figured 40 Days Dry was not as interesting as 40 Days Vegan!!!).

Have A Great Day.

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